Giant Book List

Well, I still have NOT heard where I will be student teaching and that is so frusturating!  I know I need to trust that God has a plan, but it's hard!  I promise to be a super help to the teacher.  :)

I just love Christmas.  Since this is the last holiday season not in the classroom, I am trying my hardest to simply enjoy every moment.  Among all the decorating, buying, and wrapping, I am making tons of little cookies, throwing my youngest a birthday party and planning for my grandmother's Christmas visit.  Oh yes, I'm also responsible for our family's fancy Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day luncheon.  No pressure. 

Now and then, I turn my head back to school things and I have finished my GIANT book list.  The categories I have included are as follows: 
                                                                               Comprehension (C in CAFE)
                                                                                Accuracy (A in CAFE)
                                                                                Fluency (F in CAFE)
                                                                                 Expanding vocabulary (E in CAFE)
3 ways to read a book
Places to read in the classroom
Taking care of books
Introducing book bins
Beginning of the year
Read to self
Introducing the CAFE board
Read to someone
Schema/background knowledge
Making connections strategy
Questioning strategy
Visualizing strategy
Inferring strategy
Synthesizing strategy
Determining importance strategy
Whew.  I combined lists from online folks, different books, and my personal library.  Things are much handier when they are in one resource instead of little papers spilling all over our desk or online file boxes.  Thank you to everyone who ever posted a book list.  I probably found you and used something from your list.  The only credit I can take is the time it took to find, organize and type everything up.  Just email me if you want the list:  brooksandamy@hotmail.com
Bye for now!

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