Classes are DONE!!!!

Well, I'm officially finished with my education classes!!!  I've been so bored!  To relieve my boredom, I am having fun actively searching teaching blogs and pinterest for ideas!  I am obsessed with the Daily 5, so I am hunting for delicious tidbits for this area especially.

I have NOT heard yet where I will be student teaching.  Nuts!  I can hardly wait.  With two months off to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am trying to savor each day.  When student teaching arrives, I will be super busy and (cross my fingers) a true job will follow.  Might as well enjoy the time now, right? 

Well, I'm talking to myself at the moment, but that's ok with me.  I'm here for me, to encourage me with my student teaching journey.  It will all be great and I will learn tons.  My background and substitute teaching have prepared me for this moment.  I hope the moment comes soon or I'll just burst.

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